NGINX 1.25.0 QUIC/HTTP3 Notice

Please note that since NGINX 1.25.0 QUIC branches on Mercurial and GitHub are removed.

All the development moved to Mainline branch. Thus, the builds of Mainline version now have QUIC. QUIC Streams and repository will be moved to the archive repo, please switch to mainline:

RHEL 7 / CentOS 7:

yum upgrade -y codeit-repo-release
yum-config-manager --enable CodeIT-mainline --save

RHEL 8-9 / Alma Linux 8-9 / Rocky Linux 8-9 / CentOS 8-9 / Other EL8/EL9:

dnf module reset -y nginx
dnf module enable -y nginx:codeit-mainline

NGINX team also notified that TCP streams now do not have QUIC support, thus we build without --with-stream_quic_module option.

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