ngtcp2 1.4.0 released

ngtcp2 1.4.0 rpms released and added to all supported platforms

Erase sensitive data before freeing memory by @tatsuhiro-t in #1122
Fix compile error with libstdc++6-14 by @tatsuhiro-t in #1123
Make congestion controller use the current path MTU by @tatsuhiro-t in #1124
Reduce malloc call in conn_new by @tatsuhiro-t in #1125
Add missing FindJemalloc.cmake to EXTRA_DIST by @tatsuhiro-t in #1127
Automate release process by @tatsuhiro-t in #1130
Make Path MTU Discovery probes configurable by @tatsuhiro-t in #1128
examples: Add —pmtud-probes option by @tatsuhiro-t in #1132
Accept zero length UDP datagram payload and just return 0 by @tatsuhiro-t in #1134
Deal with the case that send_quantum < max_udp_payload_size by @tatsuhiro-t in #1135
Adjust simpleclient buffer to have default max_tx_udp_payload_size by @tatsuhiro-t in #1136
Document about outgoing UDP datagram payload size by @tatsuhiro-t in #1137
Move ngtcp2_settings_default_versioned to ngtcp2_settings.c by @tatsuhiro-t in #1138
Refactor acktr by @tatsuhiro-t in #1139
Cleanup free functions called from conn_new by @tatsuhiro-t in #1140
Make functions that discard pkns callable from the other source files by @tatsuhiro-t in #1141
Add typed ngtcp2_min and ngtcp2_max functions by @tatsuhiro-t in #1142
Avoid setting 0 after memset by @tatsuhiro-t in #1143
Move ngtcp2_transport_params functions to its own file by @tatsuhiro-t in #1144
Remove unused ngtcp2_conversion_test.c by @tatsuhiro-t in #1145
Move struct version to the last argument by @tatsuhiro-t in #1146
git clone recursive by @tatsuhiro-t in #1147
Update README.rst by @Karthikdasari0423 in #1150
ngtcp2_conn_write_connection_close: Fix assertion failure by @tatsuhiro-t in #1154
Fix assertion failure because of failing dup Connection ID check by @tatsuhiro-t in #1155
fuzz: Add read_write_pkt fuzzer by @tatsuhiro-t in #1156
Workaround llvm issue by @tatsuhiro-t in #1158
fuzz: Add missing include by @tatsuhiro-t in #1159
fuzz: Workaround llvm issue by @tatsuhiro-t in #1160
Add 2 new ngtcp2_ccerr_type values by @tatsuhiro-t in #1161
Add handshake fuzzer by @tatsuhiro-t in #1162
docker: Use copy —link by @tatsuhiro-t in #1163
Bump aws-lc to v1.23.0 by @tatsuhiro-t in #1164
Bump boringssl by @tatsuhiro-t in #1165
Bump picotls by @tatsuhiro-t in #1166
Switch to distroless/base-nossl by @tatsuhiro-t in #1167
Remove debug printf by @tatsuhiro-t in #1168
Add padding to at most 1200 bytes by @tatsuhiro-t in #1169
Add ngtcp2_ppe padding tests by @tatsuhiro-t in #1170

SSH3 0.1.7 test package added

Fast and secure SSH3 (shell over HTTP/3) 0.1.7 test packages (ssh3 client and ssh3-server) added to EL8 testing repo for aarch64 and x86_64.

Please note that name change discussion is in progress (to sshh / shs / soh3 etc).

Project page:

These packages also can be installed to EL9 and Fedora. At the build time, Golang 1.21 is a hard requirement and only 1.20 is easily available on AlmaLinux 9 at this time.



nghttp2 1.60.0 released

nghttp2 1.60.0 rpms released and added to all supported platforms Speed up git submodule by @tatsuhiro-t in #2043
Speed up git clone by @tatsuhiro-t in #2044
build(deps): bump actions/cache from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #2046
Fixing the build and install trees by @anthonyalayo in #2051
build(deps): bump microsoft/setup-msbuild from 1 to 2 by @dependabot in #2052
nghttpx: Set ocsp response to SSL in case of boringssl by @tatsuhiro-t in #2055
Run with python3 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2054
src: Certificate Compression with boringssl by @tatsuhiro-t in #2056
Fix missing newline by @tatsuhiro-t in #2057
Switch to aws lc by @tatsuhiro-t in #2058
Libbrotli fixup by @tatsuhiro-t in #2059
Deprecate RFC 7540 priorities (aka stream dependencies) by @tatsuhiro-t in #2060
Let dependabot manage go modules by @tatsuhiro-t in #2061
build(deps): bump from 0.20.0 to 0.21.0 by @dependabot in #2062
integration-tests: Omit unused parameters by @tatsuhiro-t in #2065
Munit by @tatsuhiro-t in #2064
Introduce nghttp2_ssize API by @tatsuhiro-t in #2066
Move deprecated warning upfront by @tatsuhiro-t in #2067
Describe RFC 7540 priorities deprecation plan by @tatsuhiro-t in #2068
Apps migrate nghttp2 ssize by @tatsuhiro-t in #2069
src: Remove unused functions by @tatsuhiro-t in #2070
Reconsider ssize t usage in src by @tatsuhiro-t in #2071
Use GitHub private vulnerability reporting by @tatsuhiro-t in #2072
Move security policy to GitHub standard location by @tatsuhiro-t in #2073
Bump mruby to 3.3.0 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2074
Bump llhttp to 48588093ca4219b5f689acfc9ebea9e4c8c37663 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2075
h2load: Add —sni option by @tatsuhiro-t in #2076
Bump ngtcp2 dependencies by @tatsuhiro-t in #2077
mruby: Adopt deprecation of mrbc_ prefix by @tatsuhiro-t in #2078
neverbleed: Define _GNU_SOURCE for pthread_setaffinity_np by @tatsuhiro-t in #2079
bpf: Pre-expand aes key by @tatsuhiro-t in #2080
mruby: Exclude mrdb gem which causes nghttpx to crash by @tatsuhiro-t in #2081
nghttpx: Reuse EVP_CIPHER_CTX for QUIC connection ID encryption by @tatsuhiro-t in #2082
Run apt-get update before install by @tatsuhiro-t in #2083
src: Deal with the case that send_quantum < max_udp_payload_size by @tatsuhiro-t in #2084
nghttpx: Remove SHRPX_QUIC_MAX_UDP_PAYLOAD_SIZE by @tatsuhiro-t in #2085
Fix build when AI_NUMERICSERV is undefined by @barracuda156 in #2086