CentOS 7 EOL

CentOS 7 reached its EOL and not supported now.

Feel free to discuss here if someone needs new builds for it on donation basis, as it requires much more efforts to support/patch software.

UPD. CentOS 7 builds continued after EOL and are available for patreon subscribers (“Small company” and higher) or $5+/mo recurring PayPal donation (please be sure to set it as recurring) for up to 20 IP addresses, $20+ for 21+ IP addresses.

Then send me a PM to Telegram @AlexG32 or E-Mail: codeguard@ gmail with your IP addresses list.

13 thoughts on “CentOS 7 EOL”

  1. Hi Alexander,
    here it is, I need the new version of Apache 2.4.60 for Centos 7. We are planning to migrate to Rocky Linux 8 and we didn’t think that the new version of Apache would be released today.
    Is it possible to have an invoice for the donation?
    Is there a minimum donation amount?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello, I tried to use our pipelines today, but all the CentOS 7 infrastructure seems to had moved to archives, so the pipeline fails even for build, not even test.
      Let’s try to understand the public need in CentOS 7 further support.

      Thanks for the message, let me some time to think on it.

  2. Hi Alexander,
    in codeit.repo by disabling “CodeIT” and enabling “CodeIT-testing”.
    The testing repository is alive (https://repo.codeit.guru/packages/testing/7/x86_64/), is the rc4 version the same as the final build?
    Or it would be enough to put the final build there.

    Dependencies Resolved
    Package Arch Version Repository Size
    brotli x86_64 1.1.0rc-1.codeit.el7 CodeIT-testing 14 k
    httpd x86_64 2.4.60-1_rc4.codeit.el7 CodeIT-testing 1.4 M
    httpd-devel x86_64 2.4.60-1_rc4.codeit.el7 CodeIT-testing 199 k
    httpd-filesystem noarch 2.4.60-1_rc4.codeit.el7 CodeIT-testing 4.3 k
    httpd-tools x86_64 2.4.60-1_rc4.codeit.el7 CodeIT-testing 69 k
    libbrotli x86_64 1.1.0rc-1.codeit.el7 CodeIT-testing 314 k
    mod_ssl x86_64 1:2.4.60-1_rc4.codeit.el7 CodeIT-testing 98 k

    the donation is coming…

    1. Hello,

      The code of RC4 is supposed to be the same as in release, as rc4 was voted to became a release. At the same time version strings are different and there are guarantees that code is 100% same.

      For now this is the best variant to test it in staging environment, 99% it will fit your needs 🙂

      1. Ok Alexander,
        i signed up on Patreon and sent you a message with the IP address. I’m waiting for instructions. Thank you.

  3. This 2.4.60 release would indeed be very much appreciated for those servers that aren’t migrated just yet… Many thanks in advance!

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