mc 4.8.31 released

mc 4.8.31 rpms released and added to all supported platforms


  • Minimal version of GLib is 2.32.0.


  • fish: drop support of native FISH server and protocol. Rename VFS to shell
  • extfs;
    • uc1541 extfs: update up to 3.6 version
    • s3+: port to Python3
  • Support for LZO/LZOP compression format


  • Skins: add color for non-printable characters in editor


  • FTBFS on FreeBSD with ext2fs attribute support
  • Broken stickchars (-a) mode
  • Wrong timestamp after resuming of file copy operation
  • Editor: wrong deletion of marked column
  • Diff viewer: segfault when display of line numbers is enabled
  • Tar VFS: broken handling of hard links
  • Sftp VFS: failure establishing SSH session due hashed host names in ~/.ssh/known_hosts
  • Shell VFS: incorrect file names with cyrillic or diacritic symbols
  • mc.ext.ini: incorrect description of of how multiple sections and keys with same names are processed
  • mc.ext.ini: unescaped backslash \ is treated as invalid escape sequence in glib-2.77.3 and glib-2.79
  • mc.ext.ini: file “” is handled as Makefile not as zip-arhive

ngtcp2 1.2.0, nghttp2 1.59.0 released

ngtcp2 1.2.0, nghttp2 1.59.0 rpms released and added to all supported platforms

ngtcp2 1.2.0:
cmake: Require nghttp3 >= v1.0.0 by @tatsuhiro-t in #1026
examples: Clarify stream limits by @tatsuhiro-t in #1032
Bump actions/stale from 8 to 9 by @dependabot in #1033
Avoid detecting OpenSSL 3.2 as quictls by @tatsuhiro-t in #1035
Clarify the behavior when a stream is not found by @tatsuhiro-t in #1036
Do not recognize boringssl as quictls by @tatsuhiro-t in #1038
Bump github/codeql-action from 2 to 3 by @dependabot in #1037
docker: Switch to bsslclient and bsslserver by @tatsuhiro-t in #1039
interop: Switch to wolfssl by @tatsuhiro-t in #1040
Revert “docker: Switch to bsslclient and bsslserver” by @tatsuhiro-t in #1041
docker: Switch to wolfssl by @tatsuhiro-t in #1042
Use wolfSSL in a README example by @tatsuhiro-t in #1043
Add aws-lc as BoringSSL alternative by @tatsuhiro-t in #1044
wolfSSL: Disable deprecated signature algorithms by @tatsuhiro-t in #1046
Remove use of SSL_set_quic_transport_version by @tatsuhiro-t in #1047
examples: Build with libressl by @tatsuhiro-t in #1048
Fix zero len file by @tatsuhiro-t in #1049
Assert that _BitScanReverse64 never fail by @tatsuhiro-t in #1051
Revert “wolfSSL: Disable deprecated signature algorithms” by @tatsuhiro-t in #1052
wolfssl: Enable –enable-keylog-export by @tatsuhiro-t in #1053
h09client: Fix display ecn bits by @tatsuhiro-t in #1054
Bump wolfSSL to v5.6.6-stable by @tatsuhiro-t in #1055
ngtcp2_pkt_adjust_pkt_num: Take bytes rather than bits by @tatsuhiro-t in #1056
Initial and Handshake packets are immediately acknowledged by @tatsuhiro-t in #1057
Refactor by @tatsuhiro-t in #1058
examples: Print remote HTTP/3 settings by @tatsuhiro-t in #1059
Fix assertion failure on immediate migration by @tatsuhiro-t in #1060
Add ngtcp2_window_filter tests by @tatsuhiro-t in #1061
Fix gcc-13 warning by @tatsuhiro-t in #1062
Fix persistent congestion by @tatsuhiro-t in #1064
Port missing changes to h09server by @tatsuhiro-t in #1065
Fix typo by @tatsuhiro-t in #1066
Update docker by @tatsuhiro-t in #1067
Fix docker build-arg by @tatsuhiro-t in #1069
Revert “Send RESET_STREAM if stream is reset by client” by @tatsuhiro-t in #1071
Return early when STOP_SENDING is received more than once by @tatsuhiro-t in #1072
Do not send STOP_SENDING if RESET_STREAM has been received by @tatsuhiro-t in #1073
Update doc by @tatsuhiro-t in #1074
wolfssl: Just use QUIC v1 transport parameter codepoint by @tatsuhiro-t in #1075
wolfssl: Disable ECH by @tatsuhiro-t in #1076
Bump boringssl by @tatsuhiro-t in #1077
Bump picotls by @tatsuhiro-t in #1078
Remove sample_offset field from ngtcp2_ppe by @tatsuhiro-t in #1079
ci: Build and verify aws-lc flavored builds by @tatsuhiro-t in #1080
Update boringssl build procedure by @tatsuhiro-t in #1081
Bump aws-lc to v1.20.0 by @tatsuhiro-t in #1082
Update doc by @tatsuhiro-t in #1083

nghttp2 1.59.0:
Bump clang to 15 by @tatsuhiro-t in #1986
Bump clang format by @tatsuhiro-t in #1987
Bump quictls to 3.1.4+quic by @tatsuhiro-t in #1988
Update ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx.m4 by @tatsuhiro-t in #1989
nghttpx: Prefer FILE_NAME if defined by @tatsuhiro-t in #1990
Add API to get and parse RFC 9218 priority by @tatsuhiro-t in #1991
nghttpx: Propagate stream priority from backend to frontend by @tatsuhiro-t in #1992
Check whether CLOCK_MONOTONIC is declared by @tatsuhiro-t in #1995
Bump go packages by @tatsuhiro-t in #2001
cmake: Remove itprep target by @tatsuhiro-t in #2002
h2load: Fix IPv6 address in :authority by @tatsuhiro-t in #2000
Bump ngtcp2 and nghttp3 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2006
Bump libbpf to v1.3.0 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2007
Use nghttp3_pri_parse_priority added since nghttp3 v1.1.0 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2008
cmake: Set minimum quic package versions by @tatsuhiro-t in #2009
Use #include <windows.h> instead of #include <sysinfoapi.h> by @hrxi in #1997
build(deps): bump actions/setup-go from 4 to 5 by @dependabot in #2010
cmake: bring back ENABLE_STATIC_CRT by @bwncp in #2011
Avoid detecting OpenSSL 3.2 as quictls by @tatsuhiro-t in #2012
build(deps): bump from 0.15.0 to 0.17.0 by @dependabot in #2015
build(deps): bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #2014
src: Support building with aws-lc by @tatsuhiro-t in #2013
boringssl has SSL_CTX_set1_groups_list by @tatsuhiro-t in #2016
Drop old OpenSSL support by @tatsuhiro-t in #2017
Drop old OpenSSL support part 2 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2019
Remove NPN by @tatsuhiro-t in #2020
Remove by @tatsuhiro-t in #2021
cmake: Require OpenSSL >= 1.1.1 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2022
nghttpx: OpenSSL needs SSL_CTX_set_recv_max_early_data by @tatsuhiro-t in #2023
App fix by @tatsuhiro-t in #2024
nghttpx: Remove a trailing whitespace by @tatsuhiro-t in #2025
H2load header ttfb fix by @tatsuhiro-t in #2026
Not finding packages when ENABLE_LIB_ONLY is set by @anthonyalayo in #2027
Have less stuff in config.h by @hrxi in #1996
Update minimum CMake version to 3.5 by @anthonyalayo in #2030
build(deps): bump from 0.35.1 to 0.37.7 by @dependabot in #2032
Fix typo by @tatsuhiro-t in #2033
Specify DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive by @tatsuhiro-t in #2034
Revert “nghttpx: Shutdown h3 stream write if reset by a remote endpoint” by @tatsuhiro-t in #2036
ci: Add aws-lc builds by @tatsuhiro-t in #2037
Bump go modules by @tatsuhiro-t in #2038
Bump neverbleed by @tatsuhiro-t in #2039
Bump go-nghttp2 and go mod tidy by @tatsuhiro-t in #2040
Bump ngtcp2 to v1.2.0 by @tatsuhiro-t in #2041
src: Avoid copies by @tatsuhiro-t in #2042