NGINX 1.25.2 Mainline with Brotli, TLS 1.3, OpenSSL 3.0.10, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Rocky, Oracle, Alma Linux EL7/EL8/EL9

NGINX 1.25.2 mainline with HTTP/3 support added to EL7, EL8, EL9 repositories. brotli compression module from Google, http2, ngx cache purge and ngx http geoip2 modules added or built-in. OpenSSL built dynamically using OpenSSL+QUIC 3.0.10.

Major changes:

  • Feature: the “http2” directive, which enables HTTP/2 on a per-server basis; the “http2” parameter of the “listen” directive is now deprecated.
  • Change: HTTP/2 server push support has been removed.
  • Change: the deprecated “ssl” directive is not supported anymore.
  • Bugfix: in HTTP/3 when using OpenSSL.

RHEL 7 / CentOS 7:

yum upgrade -y codeit-repo-release
yum-config-manager --disable CodeIT-quic --save
yum-config-manager --enable CodeIT-mainline --save

RHEL 8-9 / Alma Linux 8-9 / Rocky Linux 8-9 / CentOS 8-9 / Other EL8/EL9 repos are modular now.  To install nginx with HTTP/3 support, you need to enable the appropriate stream:

dnf module reset -y nginx
dnf module enable -y nginx:codeit-mainline

We build OpenSSL+QUIC 3.0 separately since v1.21.6, installing it separately to /lib64 with .so.81.3 suffix to ensure it won’t interfere with your system libraries.

Exerimental HTTP/3 support added in NGINX 1.25.0 Mainline. We build it with the corresponding module (–with-http_v3_module).