8 thoughts on “NGINX 1.11.13 mainline built against OpenSSL 1.1.0e and ngx_brotli for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS”

  1. after update and try to restart nginx, i get this error :
    nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)
    nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)

    1. Shafira, I believe some other service listens on your ports or nginx was not able to shut down successfully.
      Please try

      killall nginx
      killall httpd

      And then try to restart the service.

  2. May I suggest an enhancement to your flavour of Nginx?

    It would be very useful for us to have the cache purge module compiled in (https://github.com/FRiCKLE/ngx_cache_purge).

    The commercial version of Nginx comes with that functionality already; that’s one of the few key differences between the two versions (and, unfortunately, ngx_cache_purge cannot be loaded dynamically AFAICT).


      1. Hi Alexander,

        thanks a lot for considering my suggestion and for including ngx_cache_purge in your newest version. Much appreciated.

        Ad maiora!


  3. Hi, today iam try ti update but this error appear :
    Resolving Dependencies
    –> Running transaction check
    —> Package libbrotli.x86_64 0:1.0.20170406.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit will be updated
    –> Processing Dependency: libbrotli = 1.0.20170406.git.a258234 for package: 1:nginx-1.11.13-1.el6.codeit.x86_64
    —> Package libbrotli.x86_64 0:1.0.20170426.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit will be an update
    –> Finished Dependency Resolution
    Error: Package: 1:nginx-1.11.13-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (@CodeITmainline)
    Requires: libbrotli = 1.0.20170406.git.a258234
    Removing: libbrotli-1.0.20170406.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (@CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170406.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Updated By: libbrotli-1.0.20170426.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170426.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20160607.git.3f46e28-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20160607.git.3f46e28-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20160726.git.77a0db1-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20160726.git.77a0db1-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20160907.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20160907.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20160927.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20160927.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20161013.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20161013.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170110.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170110.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170124.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170124.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170201.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170201.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170216.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170216.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170227.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170227.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170322.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170322.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    You could try using –skip-broken to work around the problem
    You could try running: rpm -Va –nofiles –nodigest

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