NGINX 1.11.13 mainline с OpenSSL 1.1.0e и ngx_brotli для Red Hat Enterprise Linux и CentOS

В репозиторий добавлен NGINX 1.11.13 mainline-версии, собранный статически с OpenSSL 1.1.0e.


Или же воспользуйтесь нашим репозиторием.

NGINX 1.11.13 mainline с OpenSSL 1.1.0e и ngx_brotli для Red Hat Enterprise Linux и CentOS: 8 комментариев

  1. after update and try to restart nginx, i get this error :
    nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)
    nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)

  2. May I suggest an enhancement to your flavour of Nginx?

    It would be very useful for us to have the cache purge module compiled in (

    The commercial version of Nginx comes with that functionality already; that’s one of the few key differences between the two versions (and, unfortunately, ngx_cache_purge cannot be loaded dynamically AFAICT).


  3. Hi, today iam try ti update but this error appear :
    Resolving Dependencies
    —> Running transaction check
    —> Package libbrotli.x86_64 0:1.0.20170406.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit will be updated
    —> Processing Dependency: libbrotli = 1.0.20170406.git.a258234 for package: 1:nginx-1.11.13-1.el6.codeit.x86_64
    —> Package libbrotli.x86_64 0:1.0.20170426.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit will be an update
    —> Finished Dependency Resolution
    Error: Package: 1:nginx-1.11.13-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (@CodeITmainline)
    Requires: libbrotli = 1.0.20170406.git.a258234
    Removing: libbrotli-1.0.20170406.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (@CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170406.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Updated By: libbrotli-1.0.20170426.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170426.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20160607.git.3f46e28-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20160607.git.3f46e28-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20160726.git.77a0db1-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20160726.git.77a0db1-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20160907.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20160907.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20160927.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20160927.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20161013.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20161013.git.6b12316-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170110.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170110.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170124.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170124.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170201.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170201.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170216.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170216.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170227.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170227.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    Available: libbrotli-1.0.20170322.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit.x86_64 (CodeITmainline)
    libbrotli = 1.0.20170322.git.a258234-1.el6.codeit
    You could try using —skip-broken to work around the problem
    You could try running: rpm -Va —nofiles —nodigest

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